Deck Spruce Up

Our deck was in dire need of some lovin.  We (stupidly) left our furniture out all winter without covering it up.  It really looked bad.  



See? It was in bad shape. 


We decided to try spray painting it. We used Rustolueum Painter’s Touch in Winter Gray.  It can be used on wood and is made for outdoor use.  It also included primer. Painting it was relatively simple.  First, we wiped the furniture down to remove any dirt and then gave it a light sanding.  Greg started with the furniture upside down and sprayed one coat, let it dry and then did a second coat.  Once it dried, he flipped it over and repeated the process on the top.  We let it cure overnight.  I was a little bummed with the color.  I chose the lightest gray they had, but you will see that the color came out darker than the color on the can.  



Since we removed the furniture in order to paint it, we decided to go ahead and power wash the deck.  Greg did all of the power washing this time, but can I just say how much I love doing it?  I seriously could power wash all day long.  After Greg finished cleaning the deck, I got to work on the grill.  I was anxious to use the Norwex Oven and Grill cleaner that I recently purchased.  It really worked well. Our grill is sparkling clean!


For the deck decor, I went with a gray, navy, orange color scheme.  I knew I wanted to incorporate the floral outdoor pillows that I already owned.  




The flower pots and pillows are items I already had.  Tip:  shop your house first! I found the yellow ceramic pots in my garage.  We bought some flowers and a ficus tree and I got the rug on sale at Target for $35.  


Our deck isn’t all that huge so we set it up with just a little seating area.  We have an outdoor dining table on our screened porch.  We have had it arranged a few different ways over the years, but I’ve decided I like the table on the screened porch best.  I find we eat on the porch more than if it was outside. 


This little spruce up really didn’t take very long.  We painted and cleaned the deck on Friday afternoon and by Saturday afternoon we were completely finished and ready to grill!

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  1. Thank you SO much for the Norwex shout out! You are so kind ! I think your deck looks lovely, and I actually love the shade of gray! A perfect space for summer nights! Enjoy!

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