DIY Countertop Herb Planter


I made this herb planter over the weekend.  I love cooking with fresh herbs and usually keep herbs in pots on our deck.  I thought it would be fun to make an herb planter for my kitchen for super easy access.  Plus, it’s pretty and smells so good!


Some things to remember:

Use potting soil, not regular garden soil.

Lighting is key.  Remember you can move the pot around your room to find the best light.

Choose a good sized container.  I chose a round pot (from Lowe’s) that is approximately 10 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep. Make sure the container has a hole for drainage.

Choose herbs that you like to cook with.  I picked rosemary, purple basil, lavender and lemon balm. You will probably want to remove some of the soil attached to the roots to get them to fit comfortably in the pot.  

Place the container in your kitchen sink when it is time to water. 

An herb planter would also make a great Mother’s Day gift!