Fall Break



We took a little trip over fall break this year to Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.  We weren’t originally planning a trip over fall break, but we decided we needed to get away and chill.   The original plan was to take off work and stay home to work on the house, but we decided it would do us a good to take a break from all the house stuff.

Fairfield Glade Resort was perfect because it was only five hours away.  Usually when we go on vacation I plan every second. Not this time.  I desperately needed down time.  I didn’t even check out any restaurants. Ha!  Fairfield Glade resort has over 12,000 acres of hiking, paved trails, eleven lakes, fishing, beaches and swimming pools.  There are a few restaurants on site.  The resort is a little dated, but super clean and perfect for what we needed.  The leaves were just starting to change when we were there. 




We had the most fun time!  We walked every day.  I read two books.  We played at the park and took naps.  I knew that the resort was in the middle of nowhere and there wouldn’t be a lot of restaurants for us to go to – plus, let’s be honest we don’t really enjoy going to restaurants with the kids.   Before we left home I ordered a Plated box to be delivered to the resort.  I’d never done this before but it worked out perfectly and saved me from having to buy a ton of food at the grocery store.  

Dartmoor Lake was the to our condo.  



One day we took a boat ride.  The tour guide let Hazel drive the boat.  She thought that was the most fun ever.  


Everett slept the entire time.  


It was a beautiful day and as soon as the wind hit his hair he was out.  I was jealous.

Hazel kept calling the tour guide “cowboy” because she thought the hat he was wearing looked like a cowboy hat.  She kept whispering to me “ask the cowboy if I can drive” or “tell the cowboy I have a horse.”


Silly girl.  

We went on a few family hikes while we were there.  I was nervous how this would go with the kids and overall they did great.  We got this carrier as a wedding gift and we just love it so much. Everett was super chill the entire time. 


Hazel, on the other hand, definitely had her moments.



About midway through on our first hike she decided she was done.  She literally crossed her arms and refused to walk any further.  


One night they played The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown outside at Mirror Lake.  Hazel was more interested in the s’mores, of course.


We also spent a lot of time at the playground next to our condo.



We had a fun and relaxing week!