Last week’s eats


Monday morning oats.  Chia + flax seeds 

Mon Nov 9 break

I came this close to not taking a lunch to work on Monday.  I didn’t have anything packed up and was running late.  I figured I could just go out and buy something at lunch.  But then I remembered my freezer stash of soups!  I grabbed a veggie soup from the freezer and brought cheese and crackers as a side.  I was so glad I brought this lunch! I have a cold and it was yucky outside.  This lunch rocked and I know if I would’ve eaten out I would have chosen something unhealthy. 

Mon Nov 9 lunch

Dinner was baked potatoes with Sunday’s leftover chili on top.  Roasted broccoli on the side.  I gotta say I am loving my meal planning system.  It’s so nice knowing that when I come home from work, dinner is done. 


Scrambled eggs + toast + mandarin


Tuna salad for lunch.  This sandwich tasted fantastic.  Tuna, swiss, tomato and lettuce.  Snap peas and pepper sticks on the side.  Would you believe that heirloom tomato is from my garden? Thanks to this mild fall weather we have been having!


I made chana masala in the crock pot for dinner.  This was my first time making it and it was good. It was a little mild though.  Could’ve used more spice.  Served over jasmine rice.  I chopped up a bunch of fresh spinach and layered it between the rice and chana masala so it would wilt.  Gotta get those veggies in every meal!


Happy Veterans Day!

I somehow managed to forget about breakfast, which was probably a good thing because I ended up getting Five Guys for lunch.  I succumbed to a major burger craving.  Hit the spot!  I made a big veggie salad as a side.  

Wednesday night I made a big pot of Giada’s winter minestrone.  This is one of my favorite soups.  The original recipe calls for swiss chard but I always use kale because I can buy it cleaned and bagged at Trader Joe’s. It’s such a healthy soup.  Served with wheat rolls.


My mom stayed the night with us because she watched the kids on Thursday.  We got to celebrate her birthday while she was here.  Classic Cakes never disappoints. 


Chocolate fudge cake with buttercream icing.  Oh, so good!  

Another work day.  Another bowl of oats.

Mon Nov 9 break

I packed leftover minestrone soup for lunch with lots of sides.  Wheat roll, mandarin, mini snickers.  Why yes, I am still eating Halloween candy.  

Thur nov 12 lunch

We had skillet pizza for dinner.  This one had sausage, pepperoni and lots of spinach.



Kodiak cakes for breakfast with peanut butter and maple syrup.


Chic-fa-la to the rescue!  We were out running errands and made a pit stop for lunch.  I didn’t realize that the Cobb salad came with fried chicken instead of grilled.  Oops.  Sure did taste good though! 

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Friday night chops.  I don’t buy pork chops that often.  I’m not sure why because they sure are tasty.  These are French cut chops that I brined for 30 minutes and then grilled.  Served with mashed sweet potato and green beans.

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