Last week’s eats + Thanksgiving and class reunion


Protein cakes and sausage for breakfast.  Love having these frozen in the fridge!

november 22 breakfast

I got the buffalo chicken wrap from the cafeteria for lunch.  My fav!  I might call this week “restaurant week” because I ate out a lot.  Not good!

november 22 lunch

Dinner was leftover ribs with potatoes and green beans.



I skipped breakfast and we ordered Jimmy John’s delivery for lunch.  Ham and cheese plus cucumber and mixed greens.


Dinner was awesome!  This stuffed squash was so so good.  I will definitely be adding this dinner to the rotation.  Brown rice, sausage, swiss chard and cheddar.  Roasted beets on the side.



I barely made it out the door on Wednesday morning and did not have time to pack a breakfast.  Thanksgiving prep had me totally out of whack this week.  Does this happen to you too?  I did manage to throw something together for lunch.  I packed Hazel’s leftover Jimmy John sandwich plus mixed greens salad on the side. November 24 lunch

We got carry-out Wednesday night.  I told you I ate out a lot! Burger and salad (not pictured). 


We loaded up and headed to Franklin on Thursday morning.  First stop was my parents’ house for Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Thanks two


Thanksgiving round two!  This time with Greg’s family.  


Pecan pie is my favorite!


Aunt Staci and Everett.


Everett loves his cousin Maddie.
november 28 maddie DSC_0837

We tried to get a family photo.  Hazel wasn’t interested.
DSC_0831 DSC_0828 DSC_0823

November 28 kids

Friday night we went to my 20 year (!) class reunion.  Nothing like binge eating for two days straight and then going out to see your classmates that you haven’t seen in 20 years.  I had to break out my big spanks.  

Reunion 6

We had lots of fun and it was so good to see everyone. 

Reunion 3

Love these girls. 

Reunion soctty good