Last Week’s Eats – Whole 30 Week 2

As I write this I am in Week 3 of Whole 30 and am starting to feel like I’m in the home stretch.  You aren’t supposed to weigh yourself because Whole 30 isn’t supposed to be about weight loss but I cheated and looked.  I don’t weigh myself that often but this is HARD and since I want to lose weight I needed to know if it was working.  So far I am down 8 lbs!

I didn’t get to capture all of my meals from last week.  Everett has been teething and Hazel got hit with a stomach bug (on the same night that Greg was out of town).  Towards the end of the week I ended up with a fever, sinus and ear infections, and a nasty cough.  Here are a few snapshots of Whole 30 Week 2!


First up we have a very blurry and dark cell phone pic of granola with almond milk.


This granola recipe is SAVING me during Whole 30 as I am sick to death of eggs. FYI – I didn’t soak the nuts like the recipe says.  Several commenters complained of wet granola even after baking for recommended time so I skipped that part and instead of soaking the raisins forever I poured boiling water on them and let them plump up for about 15 minutes. This granola is everything!


This was two eggs over-easy with strawberries and potatoes.  I also made a latte using almond milk.  I was surprised at how much foam I got!


Twice last week I ate sweet potatoes for breakfast.  Believe me you get real creative with breakfast because who wants to eat eggs every single morning?  Not me.  This was sweet potato with almond butter and cinnamon.


And this one I added granola for crunch.


Lunches included this tuna salad over greens.


One day I made a snack plate – Whole 30 Style.  Chicken sausage with mustard, carrots + celery with ranch and plantains with salsa.  The mustard and ranch are both Tessamae and I whipped up the salsa in about two second using canned diced tomatoes, green chiles, cilantro and onion.  I couldn’t find a pre-made salsa that didn’t have sugar!  Iced tea to drink.


Five Guys burger wrapped in lettuce and a pre-made veggie crunch salad from Trader Joe’s.  I’m also slightly addicted to this kombucha.  I chose it because it was the only kind at Kroger that was Whole 30 approved (made from fruit juice and no added sugar).  It’s so good!  I chugged it when I was sick with cold/sinus infection.  


On the dinner front we had paleo chili on Halloween night.  I gotta say I didn’t think this chili would be very good and I really wanted my normal chili (with all the fixins!).  However, this recipe is fantastic and the sweet potatoes really worked.   It’s comforting and really flavorful. Two thumbs up!

I have never made steak and eggs before, but somehow a few weeks ago I accidentally picked up a pack of “breakfast” steaks at the store.  I threw them in the freezer not knowing what to do with them.   I started Whole 30 and got the idea to make steak and eggs for dinner.  Sadly the steaks were awful.


Lastly, we had chicken wings with roasted broccoli and sweet potato.


I didn’t feel the need to snack like I did during Week 1.  When the urge did come, I stuck with apple and almond butter or mini Larabars.  

Workouts were nonexistent because I was so sick.   Even though I was sick most of the week, I did notice a difference in how I felt.  This is totally random and might be TMI but over the last year I have suffered from increasingly worse PMS.  Maybe it’s my age?  Typically I start feeling bad (bloating, headaches, backaches, cramps, moody) about 10-12 days before I start.  That’s almost half of every month that I feel like crap.  This month I felt nothing.  No bloating, no pain, nothing.  How crazy is that?  

I’ll be doing a big recap of my favorite foods once this is all over but here is a short list thus far:



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