Losing the baby weight


I gained about 20 lbs with Everett, which I think is an average amount.   I weighed in at 146 at my first doctor’s appointment.  I had already gained about five lbs since Halloween (totally normal for me to gain a few over the holidays).  Although I’m not big into weighing myself on a scale, I think my “normal” weight is around 140.  I was back down to 146 at my six weeks postpartum appointment.  Before you hate me I want to say that even though I am back to my starting weight, I still can’t fit into any of my clothes. This is why I never pay to much attention to the scale in the first place! Who cares if I lose the weight if my clothes don’t fit!  I need to tone up for sure.  I go back to work in two weeks and I am very motivated to get back into my pencil skirts and dress pants!

The problem is I am struggling to get back in the groove.  I definitely ate more food while pregnant and I also ate differently. I ate more sandwiches and chips and less salads.  I ate dessert after lunch and dinner.  I’m having a hard time kicking these habits.  I still find myself craving a little something sweet after meals.  This is the absolute worst time to try and lose weight.  Halloween kicks off the holiday season and I already broke into our candy!  I also blame the weather.  Cooler temps have me craving heartier meals like stews and casseroles.  And let’s not forget my biggest weakness: red wine.  It tastes soooo good when it’s cold outside.

I think we all have that time in our lives when we felt really good about the way we looked.  If you asked any of my friends they’d all be able to tell you the time in their lives when they felt the greatest.  Mine was just last year.  For whatever reason I felt like I got into a really good groove with eating and working out.  I wasn’t my “skinniest” but I learned a long time ago that being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.  I want to be healthy.  


Last year I felt healthy and strong.  I didn’t diet or count calories.  Oh, how I wish I was blogging back then so I could see exactly what I was eating and what I was doing that had me feeling so great.  I have thought about it long and hard and clearly remember doing two key things.  First, I was very active.  I made a point to move/work-out most days, sometimes twice a day.  I was going to bootcamp at least once a week.  I was walking a lot.  I think I was averaging 3-4 miles a day.  I remember going to bootcamp class in the morning and then walking to the library in the afternoon (4 miles roundtrip). I remember running at work on my lunch hour.  I wasn’t obsessing or working out like a maniac.  I really just walked a lot.  The other thing I remember was that I made a point to eat lots of vegetables at lunch and dinner.  Nothing was off limits.  I just had to eat lots of veggies with those meals. 

Was that all there was to it?  I can’t remember for sure, but I feel like that’s all I did.  I moved my body and ate vegetables.  Wow.  All those years of fad dieting and the trick is to move and eat veggies?  Seems sort of obvious now. 

I am eager to get back to that zone.  It’s not going to be easy with the holidays around the corner. I’m going to focus on moving and adding more veggies to meals. I’ve been walking for weeks.  I went to bootcamp class for the first time lasts week.  I was so sore I could barely lift my arms to brush my teeth the next day… but I did it.  The hardest for me will be cleaning up my eating habits. I am going to start posting my weekly meal recaps and use it as a food diary of sorts.  Wish me luck!