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I have dreamt of having a big old porch my entire life. I just love them. In fact, a home with a porch was one of our”musts” during our home search. Eventually we want to put a big swing or day bed at the end of the porch and I’d also like to hang some curtains.  We were gifted a huge ceiling fan that will be perfect out here. I have big plans for this porch as I hope we’ll spend great amount of family time out here.  I keep coming back to this picture on Pinterest.  



Now that’s a porch swing!

We took advantage of our town’s sidewalk refurbishment program.  We paid for the materials and the town provided the labor at no cost.  This is what it looked like before.  


They finished the work on Monday so I decided to spruce up the front porch with a little fall decor. I headed straight to Taylor’s Market to buy all of my decorations.  


I’m lucky that my best friend is a farmer and they have a fantastic market.




My friend Jenny loaded me up with pumpkins, gourds, mums and something called a corn fodder (I referred to it as the “dead corn sticks”.) Special thanks to Jon for bringing me white pumpkins straight from the pumpkin patch. Talk about service! The mums at Taylor’s Farm Market are huge and only 3 for $20 – way better than anything I could buy at a big box store, that’s for sure.  


Jenny followed me back to my house and we got started decorating the porch. First, we removed the dead plants in my planters and we moved the old stone planters to the back of the house. Those are actually original to the house but I don’t love them. We put them by the garage and they look better there. They were heavy! We had to take several breaks en route to the garage. We took ten steps and then took a break; and ten more steps and another break. It took forever (mostly because we were laughing so hard).

I practically begged the city to let us pay extra for them to go ahead and redo the walk and steps on our property, but they said they couldn’t do it.  We are getting quotes for that to be done – maybe in the spring.  

Here is the after photo.  Just pretend the steps and walk are new as well.


We layered the pumpkins, gourds and mums on the steps and put the corn fodder and wicker basket by the front door.


Later the kids and I went to Home Depot looking for blinds for Everett’s room.  Hazel convinced me we needed one more pumpkin for the porch.  


She is obsessed with those boots. She used to refer to them as her “yellow boots” but now they are her “golden boots”. She wants to wear her golden boots every day!  I blame Peppa Pig.

I think the porch is looking much better.





P.S. I’m sure many of you know of Chip and Jo Jo from Fixer Upper. Jenny reminds me so much of Jo Jo. They have many things in common. They both live on farms, they both have four kids (two boys and two girls), they both are long-haired beauties and they both wear jeans and cute T-shirts.


Jo Jo Gaines


Jenny Taylor



Do you see the resemblance?  Jo Jo ain’t got nothing on you Jen Jen! Ha!

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this song by Lyle Lovett – one of my favorites!


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