Toddler Lunch Roundup

Feeding a toddler has proven to be harder than I thought it would be.  Hazel started out as an adventurous eater.  I was so proud. She’s not picky!  She will eat anything!  Somewhere along the way, I’m gonna say around two years of age, she started refusing most of the food I gave her.  The girl who used to gobble up scrambled eggs and yogurt was nowhere to be found.  She became increasingly suspicious of everything.  This has been so frustrating for me.  I try really hard to give her food that is home-cooked and healthy and half the time she won’t eat any of it. Everyone says that this is normal for toddlers and that I should just keep doing what I’m doing and she will eventually grow out of it.  Thankfully, she has consistently eaten vegetables. She might not like them all, but she does eat quite a variety.   

The biggest breakthrough of late is that I have been putting her lunches in a lunch box.  I thought maybe if I put her lunch in a box with dividers that maybe she’d start trying new things.  It is working!  I found this lunch box at Pottery Barn Kids and I love that it comes with a fork and spoon and has a bunch of different sized compartments. There’s even a tiny compartment that is perfect for a little sweet treat. Of course she goes for the treat first.   She gets so excited to open it up and see what’s inside.  I make a point to put a few things in there that I know she likes plus one or two new foods.  I tell her what is in each compartment and then I don’t say another word about it.  I have noticed a huge difference in her willingness to at least try everything in the box.

I thought I’d share some of her most recent lunches.  As you will see below, she clearly loves PBJ, applesauce and peas. She would eat that every day if I let her.   Please share if you have any lunches that your kids love.   I am always looking for new ideas! 

Top row:

  • PBJ/peas/applesauce
  • Ham/cheddar/Triscuits/carrot & broccoli pouch
  • Roast chicken/peas/applesauce

Second row:

  • Salumi/cheese/olives/Triscuits/peas/mandarin
  • PBJ/carrots & celery with herb dip/pretzels/mandarin
  • Pancakes/sausage/maple syrup/yogurt with pomegranates/pear

Third row:

  • PBJ/peas/applesauce/teddy grahams
  • Cheese quesadilla/carrots & red pepper sticks/guacamole//pineapple
  • Ham & cheese rollup/apple/Kettle chips/celery sticks/teddy grahams

Bottom row:

  • Ham rollup/cheddar/apple slices/mixed veggies
  • Annie’s pizza rolls/applesauce/steamed broccoli  & parmesan/yogurt pretzel
  • Peanut butter apple sandwich, peas, Triscuits, cheddar cheese


2 thoughts on “Toddler Lunch Roundup

  1. Hey Libby! These look great! Clementine is also a big fan of the pb&j/peas combo. I also frequently include the following:
    Whole wheat wraps with cream cheese, turkey, avocado, spinach and lettuce.
    Crock pot black beans with shredded cheddar, minced spinach, a dollop of sour cream and salsa with tortilla chips on the side, black olives and half an avocado
    Ruebens (usually her half leftover from dinner) with sweet potato “fries” (cubed and baked sweet potato) and broccoli.
    Sides of cold salads (starting to sub soups and use less now that is getting colder) – kale salad, quinoa/kale salad, green salad wth turkey and cheese mixed in.
    Onigri made with brown rice, stuffed with any leftover veggies and protein with a side a onion flavored sea snacks (seaweed)
    Anyway, hope that helps! I’ve been feeling in a rut with lunch boxes so thanks for the great ideas! See you in a few weeks!

    1. Wow, these are great suggestions! Hazel loves sweet potatoes and I should make more of them for lunch. I also like crock pot beans with cheese– and I chop up fresh spinach and put it in almost everything, but it never occurred to me to add to my beans. Good one! I’ll have to check out those seaweed snacks as well. 🙂

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