Monday:  Chicken Enchiladas (from freezer) with mixed green salad.  I work on Mondays so I try to always have something somewhat prepped and ready for when I get home.  I’ll just heat up a pan of chicken enchiladas that I have in my deep freeze.   I’ll also make up a mixed green salad.


Tuesday: Ottolenghi’s Very Full Tart  with mixed green salad.  This tart is beyond fantastic.  It’s a little time-consuming but I plan to make extra roasted vegetables at Sunday night’s dinner, so the tart will come together pretty quickly.  Mixed green salad on the side.


Wednesday: Taco Salads.  Another busy work night.  Taco salads are always a hit.  I’ll make up a big batch of taco meat on Tuesday and freeze half for a future meal.  


Thursday:  Turkey Burgers and roasted cauliflower.  Can’t wait to share the turkey burger recipe.  These turkey burgers are so so good!  I’ll roast up a batch of cauliflower to have on the side.

turkey burger

Friday:  Panko Crusted Salmon with brown rice and broccoli.   This is a new recipe that I am anxious to try.  Will definitely let you know how it turns out!

Have a great week!



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