Weekly Dinner Menu 5/18-5/22

I ate very poorly on Saturday and felt crummy most of the day.   Needless to say I am desperate for veggies and healthy foods this week. I’m thinking of kale salad, quinoa, smoothies and lots raw veggies.  I’m going to do some food prep today so I have lots of healthy foods ready to go for the week!

Monday – Vegetable soup and grilled cheese.  We have plans to meet friends at the Jazz Kitchen so we will have a quick dinner at home before we go.  I will pull individual servings of veggie soup from the freezer and make quick grilled cheese sandwiches.  

Tuesday – Spring rolls!  I’ve always wanted to make these and I’m excited to try a new recipe.  I’m making two kinds:  veggie and chicken. 

Wednesday:  BLTs and salad.  I am hoping to pick up some Amelia bread and a greenhouse tomato at the Wednesday farmers’ market.  I’ll make a veggie salad as a side.

Thursday – Tagliatelle with swiss chard and sausage.  

Friday – Night off!  It’s supposed to be beautiful so maybe we’ll walk downtown and eat out. 🙂