Weekly Meal Plan for October 23rd & Whole 30


Hey guys!

I’m starting the Whole 30 tomorrow.  I’ve been struggling to lose that last bit of baby weight (one year later!) and my sugar intake is at an all-time high.  They said on the Today Show the other day that this is the least we will weigh for the rest of the year.  Yikes!  I have been thinking that I need to do something drastic to quash my bad eating habits and tame the sugar dragon so I figured it’s now or never.  I’m both excited and terrified.  If I start tomorrow I will be done just in time for Thanksgiving.

You know I will tell you all about the process over the next thirty days.  I am a big whiner so I apologize in advance – I know it will get ugly.  Wish me luck!

This week’s meal plan is a mix of Whole 30 friendly recipes and regular food I’ll give the kids and Greg.  I’ll write about what I eat in the Last Week’s Eats posts – stay tuned!

  • Sunday: Pulled pork sandwiches and broccoli slaw
  • Monday:  Leftover pulled pork, green beans and corn muffins 
  • Tuesday:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans
  • Wednesday:  Tacos and roasted broccoli
  • Thursday:  Spaghetti (zucchini noodles) and meat sauce with veggie salad (this Whole 30 ranch dressing)
  • Friday:  Citrus chicken, roasted  potato wedges and green beans
  • Saturday:  Salmon, roasted broccoli and cauliflower rice

Meal Prep

I’m not doing a ton of meal prep this week only because this is my short week at work.  I decided condiments would be key during this Whole 30 process so I ordered the (Whole 30 approved) condiment pack and then made BBQ sauce and ranch dressing (recipe links below).  

  • Drink:  Cashew milk (minus vanilla extract and sweetener)
  • Protein:  Chicken and apple sausages, tuna salad, HB eggs, Applegate turkey
  • Veggies:  Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Broccoli
  • Fruit:  Apples, Pear, Strawberries
  • Sauce:  BBQ Sauce and Ranch Dressing




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