Weekly Meal Plan Sept. 25 – Oct. 1

This week’s meal plan is a little abnormal because we have plans a few nights.  

We are going to the Colts game this afternoon, so before we go I’m going to roast a chicken and then slice it up so it’s ready for the kids to eat for dinner.  I try to set my meal plans up so that two nights a week I only have to heat or assemble dinner.  Our busy nights are Mondays and Wednesdays so those are the nights I like to have dinner at least somewhat started ahead of time.  Sundays are usually a “big meat” night.  I usually make roast a whole chicken or crockpot pulled pork so that we have extras to revamp into something else for Monday.  This week I’m going to save some of the Sunday’s chicken for Monday night’s quesadillas (and lunches for the week).  I like to make casseroles or big pots of soup on Tuesday so we have leftovers on Wednesday nights. 

Tuesday is a special day because my step-mom is coming over to teach me how to cook some of my favorite Indian dishes.  So excited!  I’m not 100% sure what we are making — I requested chana masala because it’s my fav.  This will work out perfectly because I’m positive we’ll have plenty of leftovers for Wednesday night.

Thursday:  We can’t go a week without pizza! Skillet pizza got bumped last week so I’m putting it on the schedule for Thursday.  I have pizza dough, sauce and sausage in my freezer stash so it’ll be a cinch to whip up.  I plan to make a big veggie salad on the side.

Friday: We are hoping to go to Kelsay’s Farm Friday night with some friends so we will probably eat there.

Saturday:  OFF – two nights in a row!

Sunday Meal Prep:

A few (random) notes about this week’s meal prep – 

Since my weekly meal plan is structured so that I cook once eat twice a few nights a week, my meal prep tends to be more for snacks and lunches for the week.  I’ve noticed how much easier lunchtime has been for me since I started Sunday meal prep. The lunch hour used to be a stressful time for me.   It tends to sneaks up on me and then I panic because I don’t have any idea what to give the kids, particularly Everett. Sunday prep really helps!  I just pull roasted veggies, beans and/or meat from the fridge and boom! lunch is served.  We are all eating better because of it.

This week’s meal prep is modified to fit this week’s meal plan.  We are eating out a lot plus Indian food two nights… and it’s my birthday so, birthday cake of course!  As such, I decided to skip making a grain and bean and instead will load up on protein and veggies. It’s a balancing act, isn’t it?  That’s why I love meal prep so much.  It makes you look ahead.  This week is full of indulgences so meal prep will be as clean as possible. I’m thinking salads with chicken or eggs and snack plates (HB egg/cheddar/whole grain crackers/veggies) for lunches this week to offset heavy dinners.

Cashew milk is my new obsession.  It’s super creamy, less nutty flavor and in my opinion it kicks almond milk to the curb.  It’s easier to make than almond milk because you don’t have to strain the pulp!  Seriously, other than soaking the cashews over night, it takes all of five minutes to whip up.  We’ve been subbing it for cow’s milk in our weekly oatmeal and it’s fantastic with fruit and granola.  

  • Drink: Cashew milk
  • Bread: Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat
  • Dip/Sauce:  Parmesan Caesar Dressing
  • Fruit:  Apples, Plums
  • Veggie:  Carrots, Brussels sprouts, Celery, Cucumber
  • Lettuce: Romaine
  • Protein: HB Eggs, Roast Chicken
  • Sweet:  Birthday Cake(!)
  • Cheese:  Sharp Cheddar
  • Random:  Croutons 

Have a great week!