Whole 30 Favorites


I’m just finishing up my second Whole 30 and wanted to quickly share some of my favorite recipes and products from this round.  For more ideas feel free to look at some of my previous posts and Whole 30 meal recaps.  Overall I feel like this round of Whole 30 was easier for me.  I’ve lost about seven pounds and I feel really good. The main reason I decided to do another Whole 30 was because I’ve been having a lot of female related issues – I feel like I’m experiencing hormonal imbalance and have a lot of PMS pain/discomfort/nausea/headaches.  I have found that when I eliminate dairy from my diet these symptoms dissipate quite a bit.  I do, however, really miss oatmeal and legumes.  The thing I hate most about eating this way is all the meat.  I’m looking forward to adding legumes back into my diet and creating more vegan/vegetarian meals.  🙂

Whole 30 Recipes:

Almond butter (I added cinnamon)
Cashew milk (minus vanilla extract and sweetener)
Smashed potatoes (Shutterbean and Pioneer Woman both have good recipes)

Love this chili recipe.  Because it has sweet potatoes I didn’t have the urge to add cheese and sour cream like usual.

We were gifted a steak bundle from Sugar Creak Farms at Christmas.  The bundle included sirloin steaks, which I had never made before.  I found this recipe for steak bites and they were a surprising hit!  

Both the buffalo chicken and ranch chicken casseroles from PaleoOMG are awesome. Total comfort food when you need it the most!

These Chinese 5 spice meatballs were so good.  I served them up with cauliflower rice.

This vegetable soup is a year round staple in our house and it is also Whole 30 approved. 

Jenna’s pot roast recipe was amazing.  I also followed her advice and used coconut milk in the mashed potatoes.  This was definitely one of my favorite recipes during this round of Whole 30.

Favorite Products:

Frank’s Hot Sauce
Plantain chips (Trader Joe’s has the best)
Tessamae’s condiments ( can’t live without the ranch, ketchup, BBQ)
Malk unsweetened almond milk
Nutpods coffee creamer.  This is by far my favorite creamer.  I found it when I did my first Whole 30 last year and I’ve been using it ever since.  It’s very creamy.
Primal Kitchen mayo
Clearly Kombucha (I found at Kroger)
Aidell’s chicken and apple sausages (Kroger and Costco)
Ghee (I love the Fourth & Heart Vanilla Bean Cinnamon)
Siete chips
Wild Planet Tuna
Kite Hill Chive Spread – I basically put this on everything. LOVE Kite Hill products.

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