Whole 30 – Week 4

Hey guys!  Sorry for the delay in reporting about Week 4.  The holiday season hit and we’ve been busy!  My last week of Whole 30 was also the week before Thanksgiving.


^ Speaking of Thanksgiving, this is the only picture I took the entire day.  

We hosted for the first time and needless to say I was a wee bit stressed.  Here are a few pics from my last week on Whole 30.  If you’ll recall, I broke the rules and slowly started to reintroduce foods so that I didn’t have any restrictions for the big meal. 🙂


Eggs and Dave’s Killer Bread.  I reintroduced bread last.  It tasted great but I did have a little tummy ache afterwards.  It wasn’t major but definitely something I noticed. Interestingly it was the only food that I felt any side effects.


This was a packed lunch of spring mix, nuts, pomegranate seeds, tuna salad and a mandarin.


Here’s another working lunch of soup and salad.  


Apple with peanut butter.  This was the day I reintroduced legumes.  No issues.  I like peanut butter more than almond butter so I was happy about that!


I only have one dinner to show and it’s just a frozen Annie’s pizza (roasted veggies and no cheese) and carrot sticks.  This was the same day I ate toast for breakfast.  


Overall I am so glad I tried Whole 30.  I’ve wanted to do it for years and never had the courage.  I love red wine and didn’t want to give it up.  However, since I’ve had Everett I have become super sensitive to alcohol.   I’ve noticed that even if I have one glass of wine I feel it the next day.  It’s so weird!  Maybe I’m just getting old.  I hardly drink any wine these days so I knew that wouldn’t be a big issue for me during Whole 30.

I’m not gonna lie, it is hard at first.  I don’t think I started feeling good until Week 3, but that I also got sick about 10 days in.   I did weigh myself midway and was down 8 lbs. For some reason I stuck at 8 lbs the entire time and never lost any more than that.  I’m totally fine with those results though.  

One big takeaway for me was I realized how much I use food emotionally.  It wasn’t so much I’m sad today so I want to eat a doughnut (although I’m totally guilty of doing that).  I noticed how much I used food (and alcohol) to celebrate.  For example,  it’s Monday Night Football so I make nachos  for dinner and drink a beer or it’s Friday night so I want wine to “celebrate” the end of the week.  And let’s not forget euchre club in Week 3.  I had fun that night but I definitely felt sad that I couldn’t partake in the yummy food and drink.  

There were several times throughout the process when I was having a stressful day it would piss me off even more that I couldn’t eat something bad or have a glass of wine.  I realized 1) that I definitely use food/drink as a coping mechanism and 2) I had to find other ways to de-stress.  And I did!  I’d take short walks as soon as Greg got home from work. I took lots of baths.  I walked to the library a lot to check out books.  I was really into the library/book thing the entire time.  Ha!  I think reading helped take my mind from obsessing over Whole 30.

Now that it’s over I have really tried hard to be more mindful about what I eat. Because here’s the thing about Whole 30.  You will eventually feel amazing.  I slept great, I had a to of energy, I was never bloated, I felt strong during my workouts, my skin looked fantastic, I had ZERO PMS. Obviously I want to continue to feel this great. I panicked a little about what to do when it’s was over.  I think it’s about balance.  I’ve always believed in quality ingredients and local/organic foods but it sure is easy to let the junky food in (mainly because it’s everywhere!).  It’s about being aware of the foods that make me feel like crap and being mindful about what I choose to eat.  I would definitely try Whole 30 again.  I think it’s a great tool if you need a reset! 

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